The High Lord of Gratitude and Service

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The High Lord of Gratitude and Service has arrived to help you find your purpose today. Feeling gratitude for each moment you experience, and loving what is and what has been, will remind you that every breath you take holds a deep and profound awareness. Through small actions and selfless service to another, you are automatically upon your highest path, whether you are immediately aware of it or not. The presence of this Ally lets you know that you are on the correct path to fulfilling your desires. You are also notified that your actions of service and attitude of gratitude will yield riches beyond your wildest dreams, as long as those riches aren’t the goal you have in mind. Giving service with no thought of return is what’s required of you today. This would also be a good time to write a list reminding yourself of all the things in your life and the world around you that you have to be grateful for. If your question for this situation refers to a relationship, let gratitude be your guide. Be thankful for all you learn from this person. Truly, there are no friends and no enemies, just teachers along life’s journey. Be grateful for the laughter and even for the tears. The attitude of gratitude is a magnet for true love in all forms.

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Dagkaart van zaterdag: De impuls

Als je 'Impuls' trekt kan het zijn dat je je spontane impuls volgt waardoor je volledig in het leven kan staan en in je kracht. Het kan ook zijn dat de kaart je uitnodigt om je meer op je spontane impuls te richten, je erdoor te laten leiden. Maar let op; je spontane impuls is niet hetzelfde als impulsiviteit. De impuls is de inspiratievonk die het leven richting geeft.

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