The High Lady of Love and Compassion

Uitleg over orakelkaart `The High Lady of Love and Compassion`

When the High Lady of Love and Compassion chooses to be your Ally, she brings you a deep and meaningful message: she reminds you that only Love is real. It is the sole unconditional and true power behind all means of manifestation out of the unseen into the material. Love’s greatest creative power is ignited by the conscious action of compassion. Generosity of the heart, reverence, respect, and empathy for all living things bring you profound power to live a life of happiness and contentment. Love, compassion, and kindness to all must be the impulse behind your thoughts, feelings, and actions when your intention is to create a prosperous and abundant life. Unconditional Love will be returned tenfold. The High Lady also reminds you that when she chooses to be your Ally, she brings you evidence that you are loved. All manner of synchronicities align in your favor. If your questions refers to a relationship, you are required to think of the other person and inquire what is in his or her highest good. Give selflessly without asking for or expecting anything in return, and let go. What is yours will always come to you. Kindness always returns somehow. You will surely receive that which you more ways than you can imagine.

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Laatste kwartier

De maan staat nu in Leeuw en is 20 dagen oud.

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Dagkaart van zondag: De dood

Bij het trekken van de kaart de dood gaat het niet over het op handen zijnde sterven van jou. De dood is symbolisch en nodigt je uit om te zien wat er getransformeerd kan worden bij jou. Waarbij de oude gewoonte die je niet meer dient, sterft. De Dood gaat over transformatie van aspecten van jou, zodat het oude gaat en het nieuwe kan komen.

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