The Spiral Dancer

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The Spiral Dancer moves with her own rhythms and steps to music only she can hear. She takes you on a path that is winding and circular. She assures you that what you are experiencing as a setback is really part of an upward spiral. Perception is everything: you are not retracing your steps or going backward, but rather around and up. She says that you can be comforted, knowing that your path is one of success, adventure, and experience. Follow her, for she dances along a magical way. If you are asking about relationships, keep on dancing and magic will soon happen. Also, it is okay to allow someone else to take the lead at this time. Make sure to let others know that you are open. Always remember that relationships are mirrors and will show you the past, the present, and the potential future. All relationships have a destiny. Each is a sacred teacher with valuable lessons to share, even if it appears that the two of you are dancing in different directions. All the steps are perfect, even when you may seem to be stumbling. The Spiral Dancer is a reminder that destiny’s true path is seldom straight.

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Wassende maan

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Dagkaart van zaterdag: De impuls

Als je 'Impuls' trekt kan het zijn dat je je spontane impuls volgt waardoor je volledig in het leven kan staan en in je kracht. Het kan ook zijn dat de kaart je uitnodigt om je meer op je spontane impuls te richten, je erdoor te laten leiden. Maar let op; je spontane impuls is niet hetzelfde als impulsiviteit. De impuls is de inspiratievonk die het leven richting geeft.

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